How to Care for your Crystal Chandelier

Now that you have your beautiful chandelier you will want to keep those crystals sparkling in the light, free from cobwebs and dust.  When you notice your fabulous crystal chandelier, your pièce de résistance, starting to look a little dull you will need to give it a careful clean to bring it back to its shining glory.  

The Simple Clean: Cleaning Your Chandelier While it is Hanging

If you choose to clean your chandelier carefully without taking it down, follow the steps below as suggested by a reputable chandelier professional cleaner.

Safety First: Turn off power to the chandelier.  Remove the light bulbs and cover the lamp holders with plastic lunch zip bags (or plastic wrap).  Place a blanket/towels etc. underneath the chandelier; soft enough for any crystals that may accidentally fall off.  Use a ladder or something stable that will allow you to reach the crystals easily if not using an installed Chandelier Lifter. 

Secondly: Create your cleaning solution: One-part isopropyl alcohol to four-parts distilled water.  Place into a spray bottle.  Alternatively, there are number of products on the market including a well-known brand; Sparkle Plenty.

Thirdly: Grab your lint-free cleaning material. You will need to wear lint-free gloves to avoid finger marks – cotton ones are good.  You will also need some lint-free cleaning cloths, microfibre cloths are good. 

Fourthly: Cleaning the Crystals.  You will want to spray the cloth first with the cleaning solution then gently wipe each crystal. Then dry with a clean cloth to wipe away any water spots. 

Special Note: You will need to move yourself around the chandelier. Try to avoid pulling any crystals towards you (other than those in front of you) or reach around the chandelier as this can loosen the support fixtures which can eventually lead to the chandelier dropping to the floor.…. bit hard to explain to the insurance company!


Top Tips For Carefully Keeping Your Crystal Chandelier Clean

Here are our best tips for cleaning and caring for your crystal chandelier. 

  • Keep it dust free – dust when necessary and a super clean, bi-annually if required
  • Avoid harsh chemical solutions or ammonia-based cleaners – this can remove the finish from the hooks and frame of the chandelier
  • Use quality, LED light bulbs

What should you do if cleaning your chandelier yourself is too hard or complicated? 

If your chandelier is hard to reach; the design is very elaborate; or you just don’t have the patience or interest to clean it yourself – you may like to hire a professional cleaning service.

If you decide to hire someone, always check if they have experience and go over how they will clean your lighting masterpiece.

Now you should be confident enough to keep your crystal chandelier sparkly clean.  If you have any other questions about cleaning or caring for your crystal chandelier feel free to get in contact with us.

Note: As previously mentioned, your chandelier can be easily maintained with an Australian approved motorised Chandelier Lifter.  Cleaning and changing light bulbs can be made easier … anytime with the Chandelier Lifter’s remote control!  Eliminates the need for ladders and cleaning services as the lifter can be lowered to the floor for safe access.

Find out more about a Chandelier Lifter



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