Your chandelier design is only one part of the overall selection of your home’s lighting centrepiece. 

Getting the right bulbs for your chandelier will help enhance the mood of the room and potentially help your crystals sparkle a little better. 

Our biggest tip when choosing your Chandelier light bulb is to always go with a quality clear bulb. Do not choose a frosted bulb. A frosted bulb won’t project that beautiful clear light that helps your crystals sparkle and pop.  They are available in 3k (warm white) – our recommendation and 4k (cool white).

One question here at Sheraton Lighting we get asked often is whether you can use LED bulbs with your Chandelier. The easy answer to this is, Yes! 

Most Chandeliers will be LED Bulb compatible.

Before we convince you about why LED light bulbs might be the best choice for your Chandelier, we should mention its alternatives.

Sheraton Lighting certainly recommends LED light bulbs (Light Emitting Diode). Without being technical, LED lights work better than other options because of their process of producing very low levels of heat – which avoids wasting too much energy. 

LED bulbs will last approximately 5 times longer than old existing bulbs. That means an LED light will save you money in the long run. 

Besides lasting longer and saving you money, here are some other reasons why LED is the better option:

  • You won’t have to fiddle with your precious Chandelier to replace bulbs as often, minimising the unnecessary risk of breakage or damage.  
  • LEDs are non-toxic, which is better for the environment
  • Less energy is wasted using LEDs, so again another win for the environment
  • They are also available as dimmable but will not fully dim – around 30%. They can also be used if no dimmer installed. The recommended dimmer is Clipsal Mark I Universal which suits most brands of dimmable LED bulbs. Older dimmers designed for older bulbs may cause LED bulbs to flicker or strobe.

We not only want you to enjoy your beautiful Chandelier, but we also want it to be the most convenient and safe option for you and your home. We want you to enjoy your quality masterpiece as much as possible, that’s why we are committed to bringing you the best products with the best service.

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